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Lembongan and Penida Island Tourism

Do you like visiting Bali in Indonesia when you have holiday or day offs? Bali is attracting and interesting and no wonder, there are many local and foreign tourists come back everytime to Bali even live there forever. If you want to discover something new during your holiday in Bali, you can visit Lembongan and Penida Island because those places offer the beauty of Mother Nature you don’t want to miss and capture the memories there.

Lembongan and Penida Island Offers The Great Destinations for All Tourists

When you choose to travel using tour and travel, you will get the complete package of Lembongan and Penida island tourism since those places are close each other. Lembongan is located near Penida and Ceningan. This little island offers many attractions you can’t miss at all such as:

  • Devil’s Tear

Well, one of the most popular tourism destinations in Lembongan is Devil’s Tear. In this place, you can see the huge wave that hits coral so it creates the big splash of water along with wave’s bubble through the air. The bubble will go back to the bottom and coral so it is described as tear. What is so special about this place? This wave will face straight to the Indian Ocean so it is the perfect place to see the beautiful sunset just like in the movie.


  • Jungut Batu beach

Jungut Batu is actually a village located in Lembongan where the villagers are fishermen mostly and they also harvest the seaweed. Jungut Batu beach in this place is one of the best entrances to see the Lembongan’s beauty and what makes it unique is because you will not smell any pollution at all since there are not many vehicles there. The villagers still use traditional vehicles. If you want to get there, then you can depart from Sanur port to Lembongan about 45 minutes by speedboat.


  • Mushroom Bay

This beach is well known with the underwater beauty because it offers the white smooth sand along with the clear sea so you can swim or do snorkeling just to enjoy the great view underwater. This beach offers the best scenery surrounded by the cliffs on the left and right beach. Beside that, if you want to stay a night there, you can find the beautiful cottages there.

"Photo Taken at Le Nusa Club"


The Best Spots in Lembongan and Penida Island

You can also find some great destinations inside Lembongan and Penida island especially Penida which offers the Mother Nature’s beauty such as:

  • Manta Point

It is the best spot for diving and you can reach this point by speedboat departed from Penida Island port. The underwater scenery can be one of the best attraction and the divers can see clearly the living things and swim with great manta safely.

  • Broken beach

It is one of the giant hole corals in Indonesia. Broken Beach is also known as Ulug beach and this is one of the most exotic beaches in Bali and Indonesia. If you want to see the hole, then you can use drone from the air to capture the real view and it looks like a giant well. That coral will form a circle and the hole is placed in the center. Inside the hole, you may find the salty water pool where you can swim there.


There are still many great places you can visit in Lembongan and Penida island so make sure to set your schedule properly so you can visit them all.


the beauty of Mother Nature you don’t want to miss and capture the memories there

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