Pump Up Adrenaline with Bali Paragliding

If you are an adventure traveller, then Bali paragliding can be your choice to pump up your adrenaline with great safety offered by the professional gliders.

Enjoy The Scenery in the Air Through Bali Paragliding

Bali is known as one of the heaven islands in the world and uncountable tourists come to Bali every year just to explore the beauty. However, this island is not only full of sea because there are some perfect spots to do Bali paragliding for the adventure traveller. If you are one of them, then paragliding can be your choice to pump up the adrenaline. However, you don’t need to worry about safety because professional paragliders can help and watch you out.

Bali Paragliding Offers The Best Flying Experience

If you are bored with sea or anything related to water, then you can choose Bali Paragliding which is more adventurous, challenging and frightening. If you are an adventure seeker who love getting pump up, then paragliding can satisfy your adrenaline. Paragliding id basically the competitive yet recreational flying sport and those who do this activity are called as paragliders. There is no primary structure at all. It is the free-flying and lightweight sport where pilot will sit in the harness below fabric wing.


Meanwhile, suspension lines will maintain the wing shape. The paragliders can fly for hours during hundreds of km while eliminating the engine. If the pilot is skillful enough, he can gain height and clime to altitudes of thousand meters. Basically, this activity has taken off for more than decades and many tourists in Bali enjoying it so much. They can fly from the island through the air while enjoying scenery and also the Bali Islandwith prepared equipment along with the professional glider as the guide.


Now, Bali Paragliding is open for almost everyone and it is now more accessible. The business of paragliding offers the best experience for tourists during their stay in that island of Indonesia. Most paragliding tours will take you about 50 to 150 meters high after departing from the hills. It will Fly for around 15 to 20 minutes or more according to the schedule. You will fly across the hill and sea. Most clubs also offer the tandem flights so you can choose which one you enjoy more.

Bali Paragliding is Safe Due to Professional Pilots

This activity in Bali is perfect for beginners or professional tandem pilots with license who have enough experiences in flight hours. When you are still beginner, you will be accompanied by master pilot who will sit behind you while flying. They will take you to the sky safely because they are license and you will be guarante to land safely too. However, there are some favorable months to fly around April and October. It is perfect for sunny day and there is no flight session at all during rain.


The equipment is prepared perfectly and they offer Bali Paragliding courses too if you want to be one of the professional pilots who can fly without help. However, you need to know the best time to take paragliding as explained before. The flight will depend on the actual condition of the weather and rain. The firm seat with the soft wheels will make you fly comfortable. You can enjoy the great experience not on the water but in the sky. Enjoy this great experience with trusted and professional tandem pilot clubs in Bali.