Tirta Gangga Temple and Park, the Royal Heaven in Bali

Eastern Bali is the place to find exoticism that’s absent in crowded areas such as Kuta or Denpasar. Tirta Gangga Temple Bali is one of the remains of Balinese kingdom that still emits classical beauty. The location is quite far from Kuta and Denpasar, but the view is too amazing to skip.

What is Tirta Gangga?

Tirta Gangga was originally a water park built in 1946 by the king of Karangasem Kingdom in Bali, Anak Agung AnglurahKetut. The name “Tirta” means “water”, and “Gangga” refers to the holy river in India. Tirta Gangga was built as a retreat place for the royal family members, and even now, the place is still owned by the descendants of Karangasem Kingdom family.

Tirta Gangga has a total size of 1.2 hectares, and it has a strategic location at the foot of Mount Agung. The water in the pond comes from Rejasa Spring, which makes Tirta Gangga doubles as water supply. The water is used by the people of Amlapura (the capital of Karangasem kingdom).

Because of its location, Tirta Gangga was once destroyed by the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963, before renovated. Now, this area offers beautiful scenery and complete tourist facilities to accommodate visitors.

What’s Inside Tirta Gangga?

Tirta Gangga consists of water, garden, and statue areas. The statues stand from the front gate to the inside. The giant pool has cool, refreshing water that comes from Rejasa Spring. This pool is considered sacred, and locals often use it as a venue for religious ceremonies. There is also a swimming pool provided for guests who want to swim and enjoy the bath in the same pool.

Tirta Gangga consists of three levels on different elevations. The spring is located at the highest area, next to a banyan tree. The swimming pool is located on the second level, and the decorative fountain is on the lowest level. The fountain pool is unique because it is adorned with statues, high water tower, and stone pathways. You can enjoy the cool air and feel a bit like royalty in retreat.

Tips to Visit Tirta Gangga

Tips to Visit Tirta Gangga - Tirta Gangga Temple and Park, the Royal Heaven in Bali - freerangetravellers.com
Tips to Visit Tirta Gangga – Tirta Gangga Temple and Park, the Royal Heaven in Bali – freerangetravellers.com

Tirta Rangga is a sacred location that offers beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere. However, since the location is quite far from popular tourist hubs, here are several tips to visit Tirta Gangga and enjoy its beauty:

  • Drive early

Tirta Gangga is located in Ababi Village, Karangasem Regency, which is around two hours of driving from Kuta. Make sure you drive early to reach this place at the right time.

  • Keep the water clean

You are allowed to play and swim in the pool, but make sure to leave no trash. The water in this park is considered sacred by locals, so you should respect its presence.

  • Bring bath supplies

If you want to swim in Tirta Gangga, make sure to bring your own bath supplies, such as towel and change clothes. Tirta Gangga does not provide or rent bath supplies for visitors.

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